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mPlane SDK for Python 3 released

The mPlane Software Development Kit for Python 3 is now available from the Python Package Index. From any reasonable Python 3 installation, you can now simply type:

$ pip install mplane-sdk

(note that you may need to be root to do this, depending on your Python configuration).

To learn more about the SDK, start with the README file

Developing new components with the SDK is relatively straightforward: you simply have to wrap the code performing your measurement or query in an instance of mplane.model.Service, define capabilities to describe the specifications that code implements, and create a configuration file pointing at this Service, defining the certificate identifying the component and configuring access control. Then start the component runtime by running:

$ mpcom --config <path-to-config-file>

The SDK also includes a command-line client mpcli for debugging purposes.

Happy hacking!