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We provide here a summary of the standardization efforts undertken by the partners of the project, with a list of published RFCs and drafts



Brian Trammell from ETH is the chair of the IETF IP Performance Metrics WG

Mirja Kühlewind from ETH is the chair of the IETF RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques WG

Brian Trammell and Mirja Kühlewind from ETH co-chair the How Ossified is the Protocol Stack (HOPS) proposed Research Group in the IRTF.

Current RFCs

  • RFC 7119: Operation of the IPFIX Protocol on IPFIX Mediators (February 2014). The RFC defines how the IPFIX protocol works on mediators (devices which sit in-band on an IPFIX stream and modify it, e.g. mPlane components for filtering, aggregating, and federating streams of indirectly exported data using the IPFIX protocol).
  • RFC 7125: Revision of the tcpControlBits IPFIX Information Element (February 2014). The RFC defines an (already implemented in QoF and python-ipfix) enhancement to the export of TCP flags bits in IPFIX, allowing it to be used for the measurement of ECN.
  • RFC 7373: Textual Representation of IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Abstract Data Types (September 2014). The RFC defines textual representations for IPFIX primitive types to be compatible with the JSON representations used for equivalent primitives in mPlane.

 Current IETF drafts