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Open Datasets

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In the following table the publicly available dataset from mPlane partners are listed.

The column "access type" reports the type of authorization required for a user willing to see the data, while the anonymous column indicates if user data has been preventively anonymized.



mPlane partner


Access type



FUB Residential QoS: throughput, jitter, RTT, packet loss Web registration No link
FUB ISP QoS: throughput, jitter, RTT, packet loss Web registration No link
ENST QoS: Queuing delay, BitTorrent internet campaign   No link
ENST QoS: Queuing delay, Testbed validation   Yes link
ENST QoS: Fairness, LEDBAT+AQM experiments   Yes link
ENST QoE: Completion time, LEDBAT+BitTorrent   Yes link
ETH ECN connectivity impairment Open Yes link
ENST Anycast: list IP/24, measurements, ground truth Open Yes link
POLITO Sample of Tstat trace Open Yes link
POLITO Dropbox traffic traces collected from operative networks, using Tstat Open Yes link
POLITO Personal cloud storage traces and scripts Open No link
POLITO & ALBLF WeBrowse traces with examples of both labeled and unlabeled datasets Open Yes link
ULG IPv4/IPv6 tracebox data Open Yes link
ULG Subnets data collected by TreeNET Open Yes link
ULG TCP/UDP differential performance Open Yes link
EURECOM QoE: collected sessions in a controlled environment Open N.A. link