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Use cases

Use cases have been defined in D1.1 and then have been successfully refined and redefined. The goal of each use case is to show the flexibility of the mPlane architecture and solution in providing support for both network management, and for definition of advanced analytics.

At the end, the project consortium decided to arrive to a complete demonstration of the following use cases:

  1. Estimating content and service popularity for network optimization (Collaboration between NEC, POLITO and FW)
  2. Anomaly detection and root cause analysis in large-scale networks (Collaboration between FTW, POLITO and FW)
  3. Passive Content Promotion and Curation  (Collaboration between ALBLF, POLITO and FW)
  4. Active measurements for multimedia content delivery (Collaboration between NETVISOR, TI and FW)
  5. Quality of Experience for web browsing  (Collaboration between EURECOM and FW)
  6. Mobile network performance issue cause analysis  (Collaboration between TID, POLITO and FW)
  7. Verification and certification of service-level agreements  (Collaboration between FUB, POLITO and FW)

Each page gives a high-level description of the use case,  list components describing the architecture in the context of mPlane, and overviews the interaction and workflow among components.

For a detailed description of howto setup the use case (i.e., support setup and execution of the tools, lists all tests done considering integration, performance and validation tests,  summary of links to all software needed to setup the use case) please see the Demonstration guideline page