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Project coordinator: Prof. Marco Mellia

Technical coordinator: Dr. Saverio Niccolini

WP Number WP Title Type Coordinator Start Month End month
WP1 Use Cases, Requirements and Architecture RTD ETH - Brian Trammell 1 24
WP2 Programmable Probes RTD NETVISOR - Bakay Árpád  1 32
WP3 Large-scale data analysis RTD EURECOMPietro Michiardi 4 32
WP4 mPlane Supervisor: Iterative and Adaptive Analysis RTD FTW - Pedro Casas 4 34
WP5 Integration, Deployment, Data Collection, Evaluation RTD TIFabrizio Invernizzi 1 38
WP6 Demonstration DEM FW - Andrea Fregosi 25 38
WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization OTHER NEC - Maurizio Dusi 1 38
WP8 Management MNG POLITO - Roberta Melchiorre 1 38