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How to Become a Collaborating Institution

mPlane Consortium foresees the collaboration with external partners

  • to strengthen the standardization effort in mPlane
  • to allow larger deployment of the mPlane system
  • to enable external partners to get in touch with mPlane technology

This is a mean to allow exchange among researchers of Institutions that are not part of mPlane Project and is an opportunity to create a liason with other players in the measurement arena that can be useful to strengthen mPlane Project success.

Approval procedure

  • The Company/Organization fills out a two page request (with short description and possible collaboration topics) - see first document
  • The request has to be approved by the mPlane General Assembly (the internal project governing body charged with final approval)
  • After the approval, an agreement has to be signed between the Organizazion/Campany and the Project Coordinator  - see second document

Documents needed to examine your request

  • The first document is the participation request. We kindly ask you to provide a brief description of your Company/Organization, the possible role within the project and the CV of the personnel involved (see the example).
  • The second document is the "legal" agreement among the Company/Organization and the Project Coordinator (we ask you to forward it to your legal offices for a first legal advice); it is possible to forward you other official documents if needed. We highlight that this document will be signed after the General Assembly approval.

For any additional information please contact Marco Mellia - General Project Coordinator