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Characterizing IPv4 Anycast Adoption and Deployment

TitleCharacterizing IPv4 Anycast Adoption and Deployment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCicalese, D., J. Auge, D. Joumblatt, T. ur Friedman, and D. Rossi
Conference NameACM CoNEXT
Date Published12/2015
Conference LocationHeidelberg, DE
URL drossi/paper/rossi15conext.pdf
Citation KeyDR:CoNEXT-15
Project year: 
Third year
WP(s) associated with the paper: 
WP3 - Large-scale data analysis
WP5 - Integration, Deployment, Data Collection, Evaluation
Partner(s) associated with the paper's author(s): 
Telecom Paritech
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