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Personal Cloud Storage Benchmarks and Comparison

TitlePersonal Cloud Storage Benchmarks and Comparison
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBocchi, E., I. Drago, and M. Mellia
JournalCloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on
KeywordsBenchmark testing, Cloud computing, Cloud storage, Computers, Google, Measurements, Performance, Servers, Synchronization

The large amount of space offered by personal cloud storage services (e.g., Dropbox and OneDrive), together with the possibility of synchronizing devices seamlessly, keep attracting customers to the cloud. Despite the high public interest, little information about system design and actual implications on performance is available when selecting a cloud storage service. Systematic benchmarks to assist in comparing services and understanding the effects of design choices are still lacking. This paper proposes a methodology to understand and benchmark personal cloud storage services. Our methodology unveils their architecture and capabilities. Moreover, by means of repeatable and customizable tests, it allows the measurement of performance metrics under different workloads. The effectiveness of the methodology is shown in a case study in which 11 services are compared under the same conditions. Our case study reveals interesting differences in design choices. Their implications are assessed in a series of benchmarks. Results show no clear winner, with all services having potential for improving performance. In some scenarios, the synchronization of the same files can take 20 times longer. In other cases, we observe a wastage of twice as much network capacity, questioning the design of some services. Our methodology and results are thus useful both as benchmarks and as guidelines for system design.

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