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Orange Polska S.A. (OP)

Partner description

Orange Polska S.A., is the leader of the telecommunication market in Poland. The unit responsible for research and development is Orange Polska S.A. (OP) with mission to provide innovative telecommunication solutions and services with high quality (QoS), to provide a competitive advantage to TP Group. OP is employing 25 Ph.D’s and about 20 Ph.D. students. OLP participates in standardization works of international organizations such as ITU, CENELEC, Broadband Forum, Home Gateway Initiative.
Orange Polska S.A. accelerates innovations and its implementation in TP/FT Group in selected areas – core and access network, multimodal applications development, middleware, service platforms. Orange Polska participated in European R&D projects and national/international standardization bodies activities, like IST FP-6 and FP-7 funded projects, such as ONELAB, EuQoS, SUPER, MUSE, SPICE, 4WARD, NapaWine, TALOS, OneLab2, GEYSERS, DEMONS, FINSENY. OLP is involved in the several FP-7 projects: OCEAN, CHRON, FUSION, SNIFFER, FINESCE and project funded by national institutes: UP-TO-US, COMMUNE, OPTIME.
Orange Polska S.A. is maintaining close collaboration with local manufacturers and universities and initiating deployment of most valuable technical solutions for Orange customers.
As a Collaborating Institution in mPlane, Orange Polska S.A. will contribute with its expertise the definition of architecture requirements and dataset collections. OP will be also involved in use cases as defined in D1.1, in particular focusing on the study of CDN system, data mining for streaming and combined services, OTT solutions for streaming applications on different types of devices (smartphones/tablets, smartTV, PC, STB), personalization of the services and data usage for combined and context aware applications (streaming, data, mobile, etc.) and for personal cloud.

Role in mPlane

  • WP1 - Use Cases, Requirements and Architecture:
    Orange Polska S.A. will contribute to the definition of requirements and architecture definitions. In particular, being Orange Polska S.A. an ISP, it will bring the point of view of the Service Provider, that has to be compliant with regulations and best practice rules when monitoring network traffic. Name will also contribute to the use case definition and analysis as detailed in D.1.1, in particular focusing on the CDN architecture, OTT streaming solutions and combined services (Telco/IPTV/VoIP/Web).
    Estimation of the allocated effort: approximately 0.5 PM
  • WP2 - Programmable Probes:
    Orange Polska S.A. will review and verify passive probe definition and requirements, and will contribute to install one probe in its network.
    Estimation of the allocated effort: approximately 0.5 PM
  • WP5: Integration, Deployment, Data Collection, and Evaluation:
    Orange Polska S.A. will deploy one passive probe using the mPlane technology. Data collected from this probe will be made available upon the consortium subject to explicit signature of an NDA between the partners.
    Estimation of the allocated effort: approximately 1 PM
  • WP6: Demonstration
    Orange Polska S.A. will participate in selected use case demonstration and main interest is in QoE for OTT streaming applications. OP can be a part of the demonstration of mPlane functionalities.
    Estimation of the allocated effort: approximately 0.5 PM

Key Personnel

Zbigniew Kopertowski received his Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications at Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications in 1997. In 1998 he joined TP Research and Development Centre, currently Orange Polska S.A.. He participated IST research projects in COST 242, COST 257, Copernicus 1463 and FP5, FP6, FP7 projects like “AQUILA”, “EuQoS” and “NapaWine”. He was project leader in internal Orange Poland and FT Group projects in the area multimedia services. He has publications at national and international conferences in computer networks area. He is currently manager of Audiovisual Platform Laboratory in Orange Polska S.A. and is working on IPTV platforms, OTT TV solutions, content delivery, p2p TV, data mining systems, personal streaming services and combined services from TV, mobile and VoIP domains.