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Wire-speed statistical classification of network traffic on commodity hardware

TitleWire-speed statistical classification of network traffic on commodity hardware
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
Authorsdel Rio, P M S., D. Rossi, F. Gringoli, L. Nava, L. Salgarelli, and J. Aracil
Conference NameACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC)
Date Published11/2012

In this paper we present a software-based traffic classification engine running on commodity multi-core hardware, able to process in real-time aggregates of up to 14.2Mpps over a single 10Gbps interface -- i.e., the maximum possible packet rate over a 10Gbps Ethernet links given the minimum frame size of 64Bytes. This significant advance with respect to the current state of the art in terms of achieved classification rates are made possible by: (i) the use of an improved network driver, PacketShader, to efficiently move batches of packets from the NIC to the main CPU; (ii) the use of lightweight statistical classification techniques exploiting the size of the first few packets of every observed flow; (iii) a careful tuning of critical parameters of the hardware environment and the software application itself.

Citation KeyRio2012
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First year
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WP2 - Programmable Probes
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