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Initial Core Registry


The initial core registry for use during the project was populated following an analysis of the use cases to be elaborated during the project in Deliverable 1.1.  and can be identified by the url


Element Registry:

An element registry makes up the vocabulary by which mPlane components and clients can express
the meaning of parameters, metadata, and result columns for mPlane statements. A registry is
represented as a JSON (RFC 7159) object with the following keys:

  • registry-format: currently mplane-0, determines the revision and supported features of the registry format.
  • registry-uri: the URI identifying the registry. The URI must be dereferenceable to retrieve the canonical version of this registry.
  • registry-revision: a serial number starting with 0 and incremented with each revision to the content of the registry.
  • includes: a list of URLs to retrieve additional registries from. Included registries will be evaluated in depth-first order, and elements with identical names will be replaced by registries parsed later.
  • elements: a list of objects, each of which has the following three keys:
    • name: The name of the element
    • prim: The name of the primitive type of the element, from the list of primitives below
    • desc: An English-language description of the meaning of the element.

An example registry with two elements and no includes follows:

{ "registry-format": "mplane-0",
   "registry-uri", "",
   "registry-revision": 0,
   "includes": [],
   "elements": [
       { "name": "",
          "prim": "string",
          "desc": "A representation of foo..."
      { "name": "",
         "prim": "string",
         "desc": "A representation of bar..."

Fully qualified element names consist of the element's name as an anchor after the URI from which
the element came, e.g. Elements within the type registry are considered globally equal based on their fully qualified names. However, within a given mPlane message, elements are considered equal based on unqualifed names.