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Repositories and Scheduling


Repository tools

Final release of the following tools has been included in D3.4 - versions on the webpage are always to be considered the most updated one.

Query Engines:

  • Blockmon Controller, the controller for the distributed stream-processing platform Blockmon (developed by NEC)
  • DBStream, a flexible and easy to use Data Stream Warehouse (developed by FTW)
  • EZRepo, an mPlane-compliant repository with measurement data preprocessing for root cause analysis (developed by NETVISOR)
  • MATH, Mplane Authorized Transfer via HTTP, a tool to export bulk data in the form of logs from a mPlane probe (e.g., Tstat) and to import it into DBStream (developed by FTW).
  • mPlane interfaces for Tstat, a set of mPlane protocol-based tools to import logs and RRDs generated by Tstat (developed by POLITO and FTW).
  • MongoDB, a proxy interface to use MongoDB as repository (developed by TID).
  • repoSim, a ns2 based simulator to fine-tune the mPlane repository performance (developed by ENST and POLITO)