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RILAnalyzer: a tool to perform network analysis from within a mobile device, available at

Modern smartphone platforms add new challenges for the cellular networks they are running on. Equally though, complexity of cellular networks is hard to deal with for application and system developers, worsening each other's performance and efficiency. Such difficulties are largely caused by the lack of cross-layer understanding of interactions between different entities - applications, devices, the network and its management plane.

To address the issue, we are releasing RILAnalyzer publicly. It is a tool that provides mechanisms to perform network analysis from within a mobile device. RILAnalyzer is capable of recording low-level radio information and accurate cellular network control-plane data, as well as user-plane data. Such data can be used to identify previously overlooked network and connectivyt management issues and infer how the different configurations interact with application logic, causing network and energy overheads.

radio state management and energy consumption overheads 

Quick start:

You will need a rooted device to install the software. We tested it on Samsung Galaxy SII using CyanogenMod 10.1. You can find detailed instructions at the website (


New features supported by the mPlane project

RILAnalyzer was developed as a tool to perform network analysis from within a mobile device to address th emobile connectivity use case. Data collected by this tool are exported and analyzed by the mobileProbe


mPlane proxy interface

Data are stored and synchronized to a mongoDB database via the mobileProbe.  The mplane proxy can access the data through the mongDB capability extractor found here (still in progress).


Official version
  • May 15th, 2014: You can download the version here: [tar]