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School registration

Application Process

The PH.D. candidates (or those master students that a close to graduation and will soon continue their studies as PH.D. students) have to apply for an admittance to the PH.D. courses. To apply, please, fill up the form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline of the Application

The deadline for the application is set to September 9th, 2013.

Registrations are closed. We already reached 43 applications, and we cannot accomodate any more.

Number of participants:

maximum of 25 students will be admitted to the course. First come, first serve policy. Precedence is given to mPlane and BigFoot members.

Selected  Participants

After  the applications have been received, the local organizer will inform the selected participants using via email.  The selected participants are asked to register to the course after their arrival to the conference site.

Reimbursemt and costs:

Course is offered free of charge for the selected participants.

Lunches and Lodging - each participants will have to cover expenses on his own budget. It will be possible to have lunch in the student canteen, which is quite cheap for lunch (about 5Euros). Dinners, hotels, traveling, etc. will not be reimboursed by the school organizers.