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Hadoop Virtual Machine

Practical exercices will be held in a laboratory using virtual machines replicated on a VMware cluster.

Virtual machine details:

  • it preconfigured with all the software needed to get through the assignments.
  • it has an ubuntu 12.04 LTE (64bit) with XFCE
  • it requires >=2GB of memory
  • it has a single account:
    • username: student
    • password: password
    • Notice that login is password less and root commands can be run using sudo which is password less as well.


Run the virtual machine at the LAB:

  • Each student will access to a dedicated image using one Windows PCs of the LAB.
    • Login on a PC using the credentials found in the course material. At the first access it will be requested to change the password
    • click on the windows start menu and type \\linfa\coreapp\VMware to connect to remote disk
    • run "VMware vSphere Client"
    • enter in IP address/Name field and check "use window session credentials"
    • select vmware templates and then datacenter -> corsi -> bigdata
    • right click on the LinuxXYZ displayed (corresponding to the specific user's VM image) and select "open console"
    • run "play" to run the virtual machine (in case it does not automatically start).
  • To set the full screen mode:
    • either select view-> enter full screen mode or press CTRL+ALT+ENTER when the focus is on the player (the same hotkeys to exit from the full screen)
  • To increase the resolution to fit the monitor size:
    • applications menu -> settings -> settings manager -> display
    • change resolution: 1280x768 -> 1600x1050
    • Note: X server will be restarted and will be requested to login again
  • Before leaving the LAB, remember to:
    • shutdown the virtual machine
    • exit the window session

Run the virtual machine on the laptop:

  • Download the image tarball from here and uncompress it
  • To run the image it can be used either VMplayer or Virtualbox
    • VMplayer:
      • Windows/Linux: download the freeware player from here
      • Mac OS: unfortunately there is no freeware player, but it can be used VMware Fusion which has a 30-day trial. Download available here
    • Virtualbox:
      • The image can be loaded in Virtualbox with no issues. Be sure to select the file HadoopVM.vmdk as a virtual hard-drive (and not one of the HadoopVM-sXXX.vmdk files).
      • To install guest additions, once the image is running:
        • sudo apt-get install dkms build-essential
        • download the additions (devices->install guest additions)
        • cd /media/VIRTUALBOXADDITION_version
        • sudo su -
        • ./