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WP5 - Integration, Deployment, Data Collection, Evaluation

Work package title: Integration, Deployment, Data Collection, Evaluation
Start date or starting event: M1
Activity Type: RTD
Leader: TI - Fabrizio Invernizzi


WP5 is in charge of integrating the main components of the mPlane architecture and deploying the overall platform in a complex network scenario (integrating both testbeds and field networks) suitable for experimentally addressing the use cases defined in WP1.

The role of WP5 in the context of the project is to finalize the design and development efforts carried on by WP2, WP3 and WP4, with the aim of giving evidence that the mPlane architecture, as defined in WP1, is feasible, can be seamlessly integrated with today Internet and is able to tackle real problems, as those represented by the use cases.

The main objectives of the WP can be summarized as follows:

  • Development of an integrated prototype of the mPlane platform, on the basis of the software components developed by WP2, WP3 and WP4
  • Deployment of the prototype in a network scenario involving lab facilities (made available by several partners), large testbeds (e.g.. Planetlab) and real field networks
  • Assessment of the deployed prototype by taking into account the use cases defined in WP1

Starting from these objectives, WP5 will be organized in three tasks:

  • T5.1 Integration
  • T5.2 Deployment and Data Collection
  • T5.3 Assessment and Evaluation

Description of work

The workpackage contains three tasks:

Partners contribution

  • TI (WP leader) will coordinate the overall activities of the WP, taking care of the interaction with other WPs and by supporting the integration of different testbeds and source of data from various partners.
  • POLITO will provide support for integration in task 5.1 considering the algorithms developed in T2.2 and will work on T5.2 to support the deployment of probes in operative networks, especially considering the deployment of passive probes.
  • FUB will contribute to the testbed deployment in the context of active measurements, and will provide integration and development efforts to support the integration of active probes.
  • SSB Progetti will work on T5.1 on the integration of probes components developed in WP2 and integration of algorithms developed in WP3
  • EURECOM will assist the integration effort of T5.1 (by adapting the interfaces exposed to other work-packages) and will participate to the deployment work of T5.2 (by deploying a in-house test-bed featuring the parallel processing framework and a distributed database to feed data to WP4).
  • ENST will assist on T5.2 (by helping identifying the testbed/vantage points) and especially work on T5.3 (to gather and analyse data for the use cases and reasoner)
  • NEC will assist on T5.1 by helping the integration of the algorithms developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4 into operational environments and will work on T5.3 for the implementation and verification of the root cause analysis performed by the reasoner developed in WP4.
  • TID will support the integration of mobile mPlane probes within the final architecture.
  • FW will provide support to install, test and further refine the mPlane probes within their network. It will also work in the integration of the user interface and of external/legacy probes in mPlane.
  • NETVISOR is going to provide the link to WP2 as well as provide software developers’ resources for the overall integration process
  • FTW will work on T5.3, on the assessment and evaluation of the algorithms developed in WP4 (analysis algorithms and reasoning system).
  • FHA, ULG, ETH, ALBELL and ALBLF will provide generic support to other partners and provide feedback as “user” of the mPlane.


  • D5.1, (M12; editor TI): First Data Collection Track Record. This deliverable is meant to be Private. This deliverable consists in two parts: in the first one, the analysis, choice and integration of existing measurements systems and probes are described; in the second one, a preliminary analysis of data collected with existing probes is provided.
  • D5.2, (M27; editor NETVISOR): Integration Plan. This deliverable is meant to be Private. This deliverable describes the details of the integration activities needed to build the mPlane prototype.
  • D5.3, (M29; editor TI): Deployments Experiences. This deliverable is meant to be Public.  This deliverable consists in three parts: in the first one, all the requirements for the deployment are collected; in the second, the design of the target deployment scenario is described; in the third, progresses of the implementation of the target deployment scenario are reported, including interconnection of existing lab facilities, testbeds and operative field networks.
  • D5.4, (M34; editor NETVISOR): Integrated Prototype. This software deliverable is meant to be Public. This deliverable assesses the completion of the integrated prototype of the mPlane platform (including the results of integration tests). The final release of the mPlane library and software will be part of this deliverable.
  • D5.5, (M36; editor FW): Assessment and Evaluation Plan. This deliverable is meant to be Private.  This deliverable describes the planning of the assessment and evaluation activities, including the tests and experiments to be performed for all the use cases defined in WP1.
  • D5.6, (M38; editor TI): Data Collection, Deployments and Assessment Results. This deliverable is meant to be Public. This deliverable contains the final description of the deployment activities, the analysis of collected data and the results of the evaluation activity for all the use cases defined in WP1.