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WP8 - Management

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Work package title: Management
Start date or starting event: M1
Activity Type: MGT
Leader: POLITO - Marco Mellia


The goal of WP8 is to ensure that the overall objectives of the mPlane will be achieved within the foreseen time and budget. The Project Office will ensure an efficient decision process and a flexible coordination of the project activities, provide full and timely compliance with EU administrative and reporting requirements, as well as a prompt management of risks and unforeseen events. Therefore, specific aims of WP8 will be:

  • A rapid and effective decision-making process on technical and organizational issues
  • An efficient administration of mPlane and day to day management
  • A continuous monitoring of mPlane’ s achievements

These goals will be guaranteed by a clear allocation to the governing boards of roles and responsibilities, which is essential since the beginning of the project and a dedicated management unit at the Project Coordinator premises with a long experience in EU project management tasks.

Description of work

The workpackage contains three tasks:


  • D8.1 Project Management Handbook (M3: editor POLITO): This handbook will provide all relevant information about the project handling in order to give each partner the proper guidelines and rules to guarantee a successful project handling.
  • D8.2 Periodic Report n.1 (M12: editor POLITO)
  • D8.3 Periodic Report n.2 (M24: editor POLITO
  • D8.4 Periodic Report n.3 (M38: editor POLITO)

D8.2, D8.3, D8.4 are the reporting due at the end of the year according to the Art. II.4 of the Grant Agreement. Each report will include an overview of the progress of work towards the objectives of the project and an explanation of the use of the resources.

  • D8.5 Final Report, including a plan for the use and dissemination of foreground (M38: editor POLITO): it corresponds to the final reporting foreseen in the Art. II.4 of the Grant Agreement and will detail the plans each partners will intend to pursue to foster mPlane achievements after the end of the projects.