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Mplane Authorized Transfer via HTTP (MATH)

MATH, Mplane Authorized Transfer via HTTP, is a tool developed by FTW to export bulk data in the form of logs from a mPlane probe (e.g., Tstat) and to import it into DBStream

MATH is composed of two modules, math_probe and math_repo, the former runs together with the probe and it handles the transfer of logs to a mPlane repository, the latter runs together with DBStream and handles the importing of the received logs into the DBStream database. Both MATH modules come with XML configuration files which extends the flexibility of the MATH protocol to be used with other probes and repositories.

The MATH source code and binaries are available in GitHub, at

Below you can find a description of the included files: 

math_probe -- handles the probe part, i.e. it provides the ability to download files following the MATH protocol.
math_repo -- handles the download of files.
math_probe.xml -- is the configuration file for the probe. The most important part is the directory XML attribute 
to configure the directory to copy.
math_repo.xml -- is the configuration file for the repository. The most important part here is the outDir XML attribute 
of the fileHandlerConfig XML element, which is used as the target for the files being copied.

To start the transfer of file using MATH you first need to configure and start the repository part:


Then, in another shell or in the other machine where data is coming from you need to start the probe part:

./math_probe --repoUrl "localhost:3000" --startTime 2006-01-02T15:04:05

Note that the math_repo can be used in combination with the DBStream hydra server process or as a stand alone executable.