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Cache-Oblivious Scheduling of Shared Workloads

You can find the code at github.



First you have to install the Go language ( In Ubuntu this can be done like this:

apt-get install golang

In order to compile the code with go you have to set GOPATH enviroment variable e.g. like this:

export GOPATH=$GOPATH:/path_to_the_repo/schedule


Just run the command:


to build the programs.

Graph Visualization

The tool conf2gv can be used to generate GraphVis ( files for given configurations. With

./conf2gv --config config/running.xml --style name_id > running.gv

you can create a gv file, which can then be transformed into your prefered image format using the dot commandline tool.

dot -Tsvg running.gv > running.svg


The tool schedule can be used to generate schedules of a given configuration. Those schedules will full-fill all precedence constraints and, depending on the algorithm you choose, will be optimized for cache usage.

There are four algorithms:

  • baseline: Schedules the jobs in a breadth first like way.
  • greedy: Tries to always optimize the next step according to the total maximum bandwith costs.
  • heuristic: Uses several heuristics to find a suitable schedule.
  • a_star: Uses the A* algorithm to find the optimal schedule. Please be aware that this algorithm might consume a lot of RAM and to complete.

To create a schedule for your workload, just run the following command:

./schedule --config config/running.xml --algo greedy

If your configuration also contains sizes you can use the --size option to utilize them also for the executeion of the algorithm.