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T1.3 Access Control and Data Protection

Lead: SSB

The collection and analysis of Internet measurement data presents obvious risks to the privacy of the network’s End-Users, and to potentially business-sensitive information about ISP networks or AP infrastructure. Data collection and protection are subject to European Union and national-level regulation. In addition, as mPlane incorporates the ability to use active measurements, it is especially important to control access to the probes to ensure they are not misused, e.g., in denial of service attacks.

This task will focus on a two-prong approach to addressing this issue.

  • By applying state of the art technologies and implementing best current practices in access control and authentication, we will ensure that only authorized users can perform measurements on the mPlane platform. This access control will be a mandatory feature of all control interfaces within the architecture.
  • By applying state of the art technologies and best current practices in data protection techniques for network measurement applications and distributed data storage, including principles of least access and anonymization or other cryptographic data protection technologies, taking into account European Union directives on data protection and data retention, the task will ensure the maximum possible protection of End-User data collected and stored by the system.

This task will leverage the results obtained from previous projects like DEAMONS which specifically targeted this problem.