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T6.1 Implementation of the Demonstrator

Lead: FW

WP6 focuses on engineering a showcase of mPlane capabilities. Within WP6, the mPlane consortium aims at developing some simple tool able to integrate and show the achievements of other work-packages, for instance:

  • The demonstrator builds on the software tools developed in WP2 that will run on network probes and End-User terminals, possibly allowing simple user interaction with them.
  • The demonstrator offers users the ability to observe the data gathered and exported by WP3, possibly allowing some simple interactive analysis
  • The demonstrator allows to peer into the decisions taken by the intelligent reasoner developed in WP4 (e.g., such as specific experiments are automatically triggered by the reasoner)
  • Clearly, engineering of the demonstrator leverages on the integration process and validation experience matured in WP5, but focuses on lowering the access barrier for the End-User, rather than providing an extensive coverage.
  • A simple Graphical User Interface will be developed to allow mPlane testers to interact with the system

The demonstrator is intended to provide a show-case of mPlane capabilities for different communities (e.g., demonstration at EU, scientific conferences, industrial panels, standardization fora), whose selection falls into the scope of WP7.

We point out that, due to the targeted community may span from End-Users with little or no experience, to technical savvy engineers with yearly experience on the field, the demonstrator need to provide a flexible interface, that can either hide most of the information, or expose the internal guts and complexity of the mPlane infrastructure.