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1. Dusi, M., S. Niccolini, S. Nikitaki, D. Apiletti, E. Baralis, A. Finamore, L. Grimaudo, S. Traverso, F. Matera, E. Tego, et al., Algorithm and Scheduler Design and Implementation, , 09/2014. PDF icon 959mplane-d33.pdf (6.39 MB)
2. Naylor, D., A. Finamore, I. Leontiadis, Y. Grunenberger, M. Mellia, K. Papagiannaki, and P. Steenkiste, "The Cost of the “S” in HTTPS", ACM Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), 12/2014. PDF icon 968paper.pdf (4.85 MB)PDF icon Poster of the paper (1.84 MB)
3. Manferdini, U., S. Traverso, M. Mellia, E. Tego, F. Matera, Z. Ben Houidi, M. Milanesio, P. Michiardi, D. Rossi, D.. Cicalese, et al., Cross-check of Analysis Modules and Reasoner Interactions, , no. D4.3, 10/2014.
4. Casas, P., A. D'Alconzo, M. Dusi, S. Nikitaki, M. Ahmed, S. Traverso, M. Mellia, D. Apiletti, L. Grimaudo, E. Baralis, et al., Design of the Reasoner, , no. D4.2, 06/2014. PDF icon 1051mplane-d42-public.pdf (24.28 MB)
5. Leontiadis, I., A. Lima, H. Kwak, R. Stanojevic, D. Wetherall, and K. Papagiannaki, "From Cells to Streets: Estimating Mobile Paths with Cellular-Side Data", CoNEXT, Sydney, Australia, ACM, 2014.
6. Trammell, B., P. Casas, D. Rossi, A. Bär, Z. Ben-Houidi, I. Leontiadis, T. Szemethy, and M. Mellia, "mPlane: an Intelligent Measurement Plane for the Internet", IEEE Communications Magazine, Special Issue on Monitoring and Troubleshooting Multi-domain Networks using Measurement Federations, vol. 42, issue 5, 05/2014. PDF icon 756mplanerevised.pdf (2 MB)
1. Michiardi, P., A. Barbuzzi, A. Finamore, S. Traverso, D. Apiletti, E. Baralis, T. Cerquitelli, S. Chiusano, L. Grimaudo, A. Rufini, et al., Basic Network Data Analysis, , no. D3.1, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 05/2013. PDF icon 367main-d31.pdf (765.2 KB)
2. Bär, A., P.. Casas, A. D’Alconzo, A. Finamore, A. Barbuzzi, M. Dusi, G. De Rosa, T. Szemethy, I. Leontiadis, D. Rossi, et al., Database Layer Design, , no. D3.2, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 11/2013. PDF icon 703mplane-d32.pdf (952.36 KB)
3. Papadimitriou, D., Z. Ben-Houidi, S. Ghamri-Doudane, D. Rossi, M.. Milanesio, P.. Casas, A. D’Alconzo, E. Tego, F. Matera, M. Dusi, et al., Design of Analysis Modules, , no. D4.1, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 11/2013. PDF icon 1053mplane-d41.pdf (5.93 MB)
4. Capello, A., F. Invernizzi, O. Jabr, D. Papadimitriou, D. Rossi, YX. Gong, B. Trammell, M. Milanesio, E. Biersack, R. Winter, et al., First Data Collection Track Record, , no. D5.1, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 11/2013.
5. Dusi, M., S. Niccolini, A. Barbuzzi, M.. Milanesio, A. Finamore, B. Trammell, E. Tego, F. Matera, T. Szemethy, R. Winter, et al., Plans for Using and Disseminating mPlane Knowledge, , no. D7.2, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 11/2013. PDF icon 705mplane-d72.pdf (506.49 KB)
6. Papadimitriou, D., D. Rossi, YX. Gong, B. Trammell, M. Milanesio, E. Biersack, R. Winter, F. Matera, M. Dusi, B. Szabo, et al., Selection of Existing Probes and Datasets, , no. D2.1, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 08/2013. PDF icon 720main-d21.pdf (2.35 MB)
7. Trammell, B., S. Neuhaus, F. Matera, E. Biersack, A. Barbuzzi, S. Niccolini, M. Ahmed, M. Dusi, T. Szemethy, B. Szabo, et al., Use Case Elaboration and Requirements Specification, , no. D1.1, Torino, mPlane Consortium, 01/2013. PDF icon 325324mplane-d11.pdf (828.84 KB)