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T5.1 Integration


This task is responsible for the final integration of the software components developed by WP2, WP3 and WP4, on the basis of the architecture defined in WP1, to build a unified and integrated prototype of the mPlane platform. This will involve some modifications, additions and corrections to refine the software interfaces and the mutual interactions between the components. An accurate testing activity to assess the completion of the software integration will be the core of task activities and a special attention will be devoted to the verification of the interoperability with legacy measurement systems and probes.

The activities of the task are organized as follows:

  • Identification and supplying of hardware and software resources needed to run the different components in a joint test environment
  • Definition of a set of integration tests, including the verification of the interoperability with external data sources
  • Organization of the joint test environment
  • Testing of the overall platform to assess the successful completion of the integration.

The activities of T5.1 will start officially as soon as the first release of the mPlane architecture is defined, in M12, but the identification and supplying of hardware and software resources will start since the beginning of the project.

In M27, the Integration Plan (D52) will be provided, including details regarding the external data sources to use and the tests to perform.

Finally, in M32 the integration of the prototype (D54) will be completed. This milestone implies that all the integration tests will be run by this date.