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T5.3 Assessment and Evaluation

Lead: FW

This task will assess the ability of the mPlane platform to address and solve the use cases defined by WP1. All use cases will be implemented in the target deployment scenario: this may include some adjustments to the deployment scenario, in the form of additional vantage points, more active probes, etc.

The implementation of the use cases will feed the mPlane distributed database with new measurements and will enable the testing of the complete mPlane Supervisor, including the reasoner and the analysis algorithms.

By disturbing the network and service behaviour through the injection of impairments in a controlled way, this task will evaluate the effectiveness of the root cause analysis performed by the reasoner developed in WP4.

The activities of this task include:

  • Planning of the assessment activities, including the definition of tests and experiments to be run
  • Implementation of the use cases defined by WP1
  • Collection and analysis of measurements related to the use cases
  • Verification of the root cause analysis performed by the reasoner by means of test and experiments previously defined.

The activities of T5.3 will start at the beginning of the third year, driving the deployment efforts towards the assessment and evaluation phases in WP6. The planning of the activities will be completed by M34 (D55). The final report on the evaluation activities (tests, experiments, etc.), including the final deployment description and data collection analysis, will be due by M36 (D56).