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T7.3 Exploitation

Lead: FW

Each partner plans to exploit the results achieved by the project in several ways.

Operators will take advantage of mPlane in the design of their network architectures, which will improve the existing ones. mPlane addresses monitoring problems which are strictly connected to the control of quite recent phenomena in the Internet world, such as cloud environments and thinclient applications. Providing effective mechanisms to constantly monitor such phenomena and return prompt feedbacks about the functioning of the network underneath will help in the design of future architectures, foresee and sustain traffic loads, and ensure a good QoE to End-Users.

From the measurements and the results that will come out from mPlane, academic and industrial partners will have a better picture of the current Internet, which will help in the design of solutions that cope with the evolution of the Internet and of the ways it is used. Industrial partners will exploit the acquired knowledge and expertise for the design of novel network products, such as effective probes for traffic monitoring and reporting or smart reasoners for addressing emerging network problems. Academic partners will organize seminaries and courses to ensure knowledge transfer and stimulate the discussions among researchers and students, in the quest for both improved solutions and new research challenges to address.