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T8.1 Governance and Project Coordination


The following management structure will be established:

  • General Project Coordinator (GPC)
  • WPs Coordinator
  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Project Technical Committee (PTC)
  • Work-Package Leaders (WPLs) and Task Leaders (TLs)
  • Project Office (PO)
  • External Advisory Board (EAB)

The project is coordinated by the GPC (Marco Mellia, POLITO) with the support of the WPC (Saverio Niccolini, NEC) and assisted by the Project Office (EU Affairs Office, POLITO). The GPC is responsible for the general coordination of the project, while the WPC focuses on the technical guidance of the project activities. The General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body where all project partners are represented. The PTC is the executive body, which is in charge of the overall technical work. The consortium will be assisted and advised by an External Advisory Board, consisting of key organisations from European industry, standardisation, and academy.

The governing bodies (a detailed description is included in Section B.2.1) will be in charge of the project strategic coordination, which will include the following activities:

  • Interacting with the EC (Project Coordinator only);
  • Ensuring co-operation among partners, anticipating and managing potential conflicts;
  • Redefining the work plan calendar after the project start date;
  • Agreeing on procedures for the management of knowledge in accordance with EC rules;
  • Deciding upon changes in Work Packages and on major issues presented by the WP leaders;
  • Deciding upon the allocation of the project budget to the project activities;
  • Supervising the project dissemination activities;
  • Analysing and resolving strategic problems in the implementation of the project’s work plan;