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T8.2 Operational management


In this task, the Project Coordinator and all the partners will perform the due project management activities, as described in Section 2.1 of this proposal. Such activities are comprehensive of technical, strategic, administrative and financial actions, all devoted to an efficient, on-time execution of the project work and the delivery of the corresponding results. The Project Office at POLITO premises will drive the operational management of the project and monitor the activity plan. Throughout the entire projects progress will be verified, the financial and administrative resources effectively managed and regular project reports prepared. The operational management activities will include:

  • Ensuring the fulfilment of the goals of the project, within the time and budget constraints
  • Handling the overall financial, contractual and administrative aspects of the project and establishing the necessary tools (management handbook, Consortium Agreement, templates for reporting);
  • Tracing of the project planning and scheduling, updating of work-plan if necessary
  • Execution of administrative and financial obligations, including interface with the Commission, budget transfers and budget allocation for each partner
  • Organizing the mPlane meetings (preparation, agenda, support during the meetings, circulation of minutes, presentations and proceedings; )
  • Collecting and submitting all deliverables and progress reports
  • Finalizing the Consortium agreement and updating

Key tool for project management will be the internal project website that will be used to manage the contact and distribution lists, as well as a repository for communication and documentation exchange among the partners.

Periodic Management Reports will be delivered to the EC at the end of each reporting period. Interim reports will be submitted every 6 months.