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T8.3 IPR Management


This task concerns the establishment of appropriate policies and rules for the management of background and foreground Intellectual Property for the knowledge developed within mPlane. IPR management will be a continuous activity covering the entire project life. In the initial stages of the work-plan, the targets to be achieved include the definition of the guidelines for information exchange of pre-existing know-how. This task will include an initial collection of a list of reusable and non-reusable pre-existing know-how (background knowledge) available at the start of the project, and new know-how (foreground knowledge) generated by the R&D activities during the project. The Consortium Agreement will establish rules for the use of foreground, side ground and background knowledge and its distribution within the project as well as rules for handling sensitive or confidential information. The final release of the IPR management database is planned for the end of the project and will be included in the Final Report.