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FASTWEB, with 1.77 million customers, is one of the main telecommunications providers in Italy. The company has invested in a new-generation fiber network spanning more than 33,000 kilometers. FASTWEB reaches with its own network about 50% of Italian population, of which 10% in Fiber to the Home, the optical fiber connection to the customer home (2 million households passed), offering broadband services at 100 megabit per second speed. Recently the company has announced an extension of its ultrabroadband network that will cover by 2014 about 5,5 million households (or 20% of Italian population) with speeds up to 100 megabit per second. FASTWEB offers advanced and competitive services to both residential customers and business segments (Public authorities, large companies, small and medium enterprises, professionals, sohos, universities and research institutes). The Company will invest about 2 billion euro in innovation and infrastructure over the next four years. As of September 2008, FASTWEB became a mobile virtual network operator and launched its mobile voice and data service. Since 2007 FASTWEB is part of Swisscom Group. At 31st December 2012, FASTWEB's consolidated revenues amounted to 1,7 million euro and the clients were 1,77 million.

FASTWEB will lead WP6 where most of his effort will be spent and where data collection will be organized by installing mPlane probes in their testplan and in their operative network. As an industrial partner we will host network probes developed within mPlane in our network to provide actual measurement data for the project. FASTWEB will contribute to WP2, with particular attention to the definition of probe requirements, both in terms of functionalities, and in terms of technical constraints to be met when undergoing deployment in an actual ISP network. In addition, FASTWEB will contribute also to the active network measurements thanks to its experience in that field. FASTWEB will contribute to WP5 too, to provide the support for the installation, integration and deployment of the mPlane nodes within their testbed and operational network.

Members of FASTWEB

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