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NETvisor Ltd. (NETVISOR)

Organization profile: NETvisor Limited (NETvisor) is a Hungarian system integrator company active in the fields of telecommunications and networking. The company’s core competency is supporting

telecommunications companies and geographically distributed enterprises building powerful, efficient and robust networks and support systems. Besides system integration, NETvisor has a portfolio of monitoring and management applications, developed by a 20-engineer strong software development division. NETvisor’s specific areas of expertise include: IT infrastructure performance monitoring, advanced networks, next generation services, management of telecommunication and IT networks, telecommunication operation support systems, network and IT security solutions.

NETvisor is also active in R&D, with extensive links to the best Hungarian academic institutions and to research divisions of companies. NETvisor has been involved (for 80 man-years by now) in a  sponsored research cooperation with the Intentional Software Corp, an USA-based innovation company. NETvisor is also participating into EU funded project, like the FP7 Strep NAPA-WINE, and the IP ECONET.

Based on its headcount (47 people) annual turnover (6M Euros in 2010), NETvisor is a small-medium enterprise. Our strong technical focus is indicated by the fact that 85% of employees hold college degrees in electrical engineering or computer science.

Members of Netvisor

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