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Institut Telecom/Telecom ParisTech (ENST)

Organization profile: Telecom ParisTech, formerly known as Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST), founded in 1878, is an education, research and public establishment focusing on information and communication science and technologies. Telecom ParisTech houses over a

thousand students, and a staff of over 140 professors delivering several Masters and 7 Ph.D. programs (jointly with Paris 5, 6, 7, 9, Toulouse et Nice Sophia-Antipolis) in which more than 300 Ph.D. students are involved. Telecom ParisTech is a member of ParisTech, the collective entity that includes ten of the most prestigious French engineering schools, which are all located in Ile-de-France, such as Mines, Pont et Polytechnique to name a few (

Telecom ParisTech has a long experience in many aspects of telecommunication networks, from network architecture design, performance evaluation, network modelling and analysis. In particular, the team involved in the present proposal has an established research track in the Internet measurement and metrology fields, with several key scientific publications, and a furthermore active contributions to the scientific community by participating to COST IC0703 “Traffic Monitoring and Analysis”. Besides, the team is leading the FP7-NoE “EuroNF” European commission and composed by about 30 European research laboratories. The team has thus a strong experience in European as well as in national projects, as well as an internationally recognized expertise in the domain covered by the present project.

Members of Telecom Paritech

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