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University of Applied Sciences Augsburg - Hochschule Augsburg (FHA)

Organization profile: Founded in 1710 as an Academy of the Arts, the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg ( today is the home to seven faculties and three competence centres ranging from Computer Science and Architecture to Design and Business. The FHA is offering its 5000 students a total of 37 degree programs. Many of the research projects that the faculties are involved in are, give the broad spectrum of expertise, interdisciplinary in nature with a focus on research findings that have an immediate application to real-world problems. The FHA is quite active in both national and international project such as the Asmonia project, which focuses on mobile network analysis and defense or the IT4SE project which researches technology-supported tools and services to support efficient energy use. Its research activities are supported by its own institute for technology transfer. Recently, a new Master Program was introduced to underline the FHA's research character – a Master of Applied Research.

Members of Fachhochschule Augsburg

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