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Anomaly Detection and RCA Reasoner




The mpAD_Reasoner is an extended mPlane client which orchestrates, through the mPlane Supervisor, all the tasks needed to automate the detection and diagnosis of anomalies in large-scale Internet services. mpAD_Reasoner is a python script that processes the anomaly alarms issued by the ADTool analysis module, instructing new types of measurements (e.g., ADTool with different parametrization, or RIPE Atlas DisNETPerf analysis module). 


Deployment Requirements


mpAD_Reasoner interactions with mPlane components and Analysis Modules is achieved through the mPlane Supervisor, using the mPlane RI protocol. Component (1) is the standard mPlane Supervisor. The use case bootstrap requires that all the components and Analysis Modules are registered to the Supervisor and running with a pre-defined configuration. The list of components/modules includes (2) Tstat, (3) DBStream, (4) MATH data-sharing protocol, (5) ADTool, and (6) RIPE Atlas.




To run mpAD_Reasoner, follow the next steps:

git clone

  • Run the mPlane Supervisor:

./scripts/mpsup --config ./conf/supervisor.conf

  • Run the Tstat proxy:

./scripts/mpcom --config ./mplane/components/tstat/conf/tstat.conf

  • Run the Repository proxy:

./scripts/mpcom --config ./mplane/components/tstat/conf/tstatrepository.conf

  • Run the ADTool proxy:

./scripts/mpcom --config ./mplane/components/ADTool/conf/adtool.conf

  • Run the RIPE Atlas proxy:

./scripts/mpcom --config ./mplane/components/ripe-atlas/conf/component.conf

  • Run the mPlane Client:

./scripts/mpcli --config ./conf/client.conf

  • Run both DBStream and the MATH importer module, math_repo:

./hydra --config sc_tstat.xml

  • Run Tstat and the MATH exporter module, math_probe, using the mPlane Client shell:
|mplane| runcap tstat-log_tcp_complete-core
|when| = now + inf
|mplane| runcap tstat-exporter_log
repository.url = localhost:3000
  • Finally, run the mpAD_Reasoner:

./scripts/mpadtoolreasoner --config ./conf/mpadclient.conf