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IGP Weight Inference

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This module can be used to infer IGP weight of links for a given ISP topology.  The core of the module is fakeroute, a tool that simulates network topologies by intercepting traceroute probes towards a set of addresses.  One of the interesting aspects of fakeroute is that topologies are made of text files describing the successive links, allowing so the presence of load balancers (and, thus, refining the constraints for inferring the IGP weights).

The module works as follows: as input, it takes a static topology (it might be previously collected by MERLIN, or be a synthetic topology) and transforms it into a topology graph that will be used to feed fakeroute.  Fakeroute then builds the successive links and closely works with iptables in order to intercept probes sent and simulate routers replies.  A set of vantage points is then selected and each of them launches Paris Traceroute instance with the MDA algorithm (through, for instance, scamper).

Constraints are then built based on the static topology and traces collected by the vantage points during the simulation.  Finally, the constraints are used to feed the solver which, in turns, output weights for the initial topology.

The code is available below.