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DisNETPerf is a tool for monitoring reverse-paths, ie, from servers to customers, when the server is not under the control of the user. For doing so, it relies on the RIPE Atlas distributed active measurements platform.

Given a certain server, with IP address IPs, and a target customer, with IP address IPd, DisNETPerf locates the closest RIPE Atlas probe to IPs, namely IPx, and periodically runs traceroute from IPx to IPd, collecting different path performance metrics such as RTT per hop, end-to-end RTT, etc.  This data collected is then used to troubleshoot ''reverse'' paths, from the server to the target customer.

To select IPx, DisNETPerf makes use of a combined topological and latency-based approach, using standard pings and BGP routing tables. In a nutshell, it locates the RIPE Atlas probe with minimum RTT to the selected server IPs, among a set of prefiltered IPcandidates, which are located at either the same AS of IPs or in the neighbor ASes.

DisNETPerf is available at the mPlane GitHub repository, in

To run RIPE Atlas within the mPlane framework, use the code and follow the steps as described in the mPlane GitHub repository, at