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Reasoner for Content Curation

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The reasoner for the Content Content use case activates two capabilities exposed by a customised version of TstatRepository interface.

The reasoner implements a simple two-step procedure. At boot, it enables the transfer of HTTP logs collected by a Tstat probe to the TstatRepository using the streaming indirect export implemented in Tstat's mPlane probe and repository proxies. The code behind the import capability offerend by the customised TstatRepository interface activates the chain of analysis modules which extract Content-URLs for promotion out of the URLs contained in the logs. Then, the reasoner periodically sends specifications to a capability available in this ad-hoc version of the TstatRepository. In the current implementaion, this capability allows the reasoner to fetch the list of the most popular contents which are contacted in the monitored network.

The reasoner leverages the APIs of the Python3 client model available in the SDK mPlane reference implementation. The code and a step-by-step guide to run the reasoner are available on GitHub: