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GLIMPSE Traceroute Reasoner

GLIMPSE is an active end host-based network measurement tool as described in

The GLIMPSE Reasoner works together with the database of GLIMPSE to determine multiple paths between the probe and a specified endpoint by executing multiple UDP traceroute measurements with different source and destination ports. The workflow is as follows:

  • N traceroute specifications are sent to a probe to the same  target but with different destination- and source-port
  • Once all results are available the paths are stored into the repository.
  • If these results contain paths not yet seen for this reasoning, N new traceroute specifications are sent to the probe with the same target but again with different destination- and source-port.
  • If these results contain no new paths the reasoning ends.

To integrate the Reasoner code, the static method Reasoner::reason(result) has to be called once new results are available. Note that this Reasoner is intended to work directly within the GLIMPSE architecture. Therefore, code provided with this deliverable works only with the GLIMPSE database (the database model is also included for this purpose). Nevertheless, the Reasoner code itself can be adapted to another architecture where the results are stored in a different way.